Twin Flames

I never knew what a twin flame was. I knew about soul mates, but twin flames were something new for me. When I met my twin flame, I felt like I recognized this person, not on a physical level but on an energetic level, I felt like I knew their soul. There are a few signs to know if you have met your REAL twin flame.


A twin flame is the other half of your SOUL. (let that sink in for a bit). This person is you, the ying to your yang. It is the masculine and feminine energies coming to form one. In life we might encounter and have many soul mates, but there will only be ONE twin flame, this person is your mirror, they are you. This union is unlike any other.


Twin Flame Signs:

  • Meeting-  will be at the most unexpected moment
  • Familiarity- upon meeting you feel like you’ve known this person from somewhere else
  • Feeling of home- you feel like this person feels like home, you feel comfortable and at ease
  • Effortless- everything just flows easily, you don’t have to try to impress, all things natural
  • Same values/goals-  you share the same visions in life, values, and alot of the same interests
  • Age gap- usually twin flames will have a large age gap between them
  • Distance- For some distance is common with twin flames, possibly living in two different countries
  • Vibrations- When around each other you vibrate on the same frequency
  • Telepathy- Reading each others mind, and knowing what their thinking, feeling, and getting affected by their emotions(their pain becomes your pain)
  • Unconditional love- no matter how annoying or ugly habits they have, it is always overlooked

Stages of Twin Flames


When meeting, it feels like you know the person from before, you are instantly drawn to them, you don’t know why and you don’t know how but you become magnets.

Amazing Connection/ The Sparks

These connections will be unlike any other. It will make you feel the most alive, and you function best when together. You fall madly in love.This is when you know you have something special.

Running and chasing

Unfortunately there will be one who wants to run, the energy is too much for them to handle and the emotions become real intense, they feel like these emotions will overwhelm them and sweep them away into destruction. The chasers are often scared of being abandoned so they chase after the runner, but this will eventually lead for the runner to run even more. Both the runner an chaser are going of emotions of fear, in order for them to come to balance, they need to let go of the ego.


Usually twin flames meet, when one or both are in other relationships, have kids with other partners, or other external things, that impede you from being together(living in different countries). The stage of separation is a hard one to endure, knowing that you are meant to be together but being separated is hard to understand. Its a bittersweet moment for the twin flames, this time is meant for both to grow and heal, separately, to find self love and feel whole and complete within themselves. (know that being physically separated means nothing, once you’ve met your twin flame, its a connection forever)


This stage is when you learn to let go, when you stop to try and control things. Whats meant to be, will be. Putting faith into God, the universe and your twin. Even though you are separated from your twin, you are in-tune with them on an energetic level and you can always feel them, this makes it easier for people to let go and trust this is for a reason. Focusing on yourself to awaken your soul.

Awakening and Reunion

Once you’ve had a spiritual awakening (forgiving, letting go, getting to know and loving yourself) the ego starts to die, the twin flames will reunite and this meeting will be more powerful than the first. Both twins have awakened and have come together, and now feel an unconditional love towards each other and themselves. After a hard roller coaster ride, the twin flames finally become ONE.






How to live.

We live in a world where everything we do is being criticized either by a loved one a stranger or worst of all OURSELVES! We as humans like to critique, even the smallest things. why?, it’s just so natural, sometimes we don’t even realize it until it becomes a way of life. But who is to say that one thing is wrong from another, yes we all do have our own preferences on how we like to do, live, and see things, but so does everyone else. I believe the way to live is just not to care so much. To just let things be for what they are. If we all just stopped caring so much for little details, this world would be a much easier and nicer place. In the long run things like criticizing someone for tattoos, having a baby at 15, or wearing the skankiest clothes, dont matter. If these things do not involve you in some way then, just dont give two fucks. Theres better things to do in life than put your two cents in where nobody cares what anyone else thinks. Life’s easier trust me when you don’t worry or give a shit of someone you dont know. Just focus on yourself and your loved ones and that’s how to live.

Mistakes Women Make

  1. 579fbe6536beae51a2037e3f48250403Only counting calories: When it comes to losing weight, it can be easy to fall in a quality vs. quantity trap — focusing on calorie counting instead of the whole picture. “Many [diet] programs focus on what I call the ‘surface’ evaluations of foods — how many calories, grams of carbs, protein, etc. a food has,” says Kimberly Snyder, a celebrity nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Solution. “Too many women feel like they have to micromanage and count everything they eat in order to look their best, [but] that’s simply not true,” she advises.
  2. Tip: Instead of counting calories, focus on adding more whole foods, especially vegetables and fruits, into your diet. A green juice or smoothie in the morning is an excellent way to get a lot of nutrients into your diet in one go; check out Kimberly’s recipe for her Glowing Green Smoothie to start.
  3. Not being consistent: Busy lives tend to mess up our carefully constructed healthy eating schedules, which doesn’t do a body good. “I see many clients who eat erratically in terms of the timing, composition, and quality of their meals. Some days they may graze all day and on others go long stretches without eating, and some days may include kale salad and lentils, while others include frozen dinners and processed snack foods,” says Cynthia Sass, a registered dietitian and author of S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim.
  4. Tip: Before your busy life gets the better of you, block out time on the weekend to prepare lunches and shop for dinner so you won’t go the takeout route on the weekdays.
  5. Not drinking enough water: Getting adequate hydration is a simple part of a nutrition plan that many women neglect the most, says registered dietitian Erin Palinski, a spokesperson for ZICO Coconut Water. “In order for your body to function properly, you need to be properly hydrated, otherwise you can run into issues like fatigue, headaches, even dizziness and more dangerous long-term issues like kidney and liver function, cholesterol problems, and muscle damage,” Erin says. And not only that, but she’s seen that “many people also mistake thirst for hunger and can overeat as a result.”
  6. Tip: Make your water bottle a fixture on your desk at work. If you’re tired of drinking plain water, add healthy, no-calorie additions like lemon slices, ginger, cucumber, or mint to your water to make it more appealing.
  7. Eating emotionally: “Women let nutrition go before anything else,” says vegan nutritionist Melissa Costello, author of the Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook. “We have a lot on our plates — kids, works, husbands.” A hectic schedule can upend any healthy eating goals, leading you to eat emotionally, “which usually always tends to be something that is not so healthy for us, like sugar, candy, or processed foods,” warns Melissa.
  8. Tip: If you find yourself reaching for what’s convenient or what you crave, make healthy snacks easily accessible — and more convenient than the junk food option. This snack center you can keep in your fridge includes healthy options like string cheese, already-washed fruit and veggies, and preportioned nuts and pretzels to make choosing a lower-calorie, more-nutritious snack easy.

Aries Woman

ramAbout Aries the Aries Woman: (I am an Aries) So I believe most of what I say is mostly true about us Arians. First and foremost we are impatient (extremely) we hate waiting around for slow people and we rather have everybody keep up the pace with us. We easily get irritated by slowness, liars, and overly emotional people. You can definitely tell when an aries woman is mad or frustrated, our face expressions give it away quickly, and we don’t hold back on speaking our minds at all, sometimes we might say things that can seem somewhat childish.(But we still speak our mind) Even though most of our sign is strong, bold, and dynamic we yearn for romance, love, and affection. We are a very caring sign who likes to put themselves first most of the time, but we always back up our loved ones or anybody who is being treated wrongly. An Aries woman in a relationship can sometimes make the guy feel less of a man because Aries women have the mentality of men, we like to wear the pants in a relationship and our aggressive nature can be sometimes standoffish for some. We are full of energy that we can usually do and take on more work than anyone, but we might not finish it all. Starting something new to us is exciting we have different and all kinds of ideas, we start new things a lot but when we don’t see automatic results we tend to get bored really easily and put it off quickly. Aries is a versatile sign, we can adapt to so many things very quickly, that it sometimes might seem heartless if a relationship just ended, we might feel bad for about five minutes and move one like nothing.(Or at least that how it can be interpreted) This was a little bit of the Aries Woman. (From my perspective as an Aries)
Positive traits                                                                  Negative Traits
  • Energetic                                                        Impulsive
  • Caring                                                             Selfish
  • Bold                                                                Selfless
  • Courageous                                                    Reckless
  • Adventurous                                                  Short Tempered
  • Quick witted                                                   Impatient
  • Leader                                                            Fiery
  • Spontaneous                                                 Egotistic

Daily Life #Live

On-Top-Of-The-WorldLet me just say that I am not against it, by all means it’s a good form of keeping in contact with one another, but lets just say it’s absorbed and consumed a lot of time for people. I remember going out and having fun out in our neighborhood with kids and playing til the sun went down, now what do we see, less and less children outside and more of them inside playing video games, on the computers and surprisingly even on cellphones. It’s great to have kids learning about technology but childhood is about being a kid and doing what kids do best and that’s playing.(not on video games only) Aside from that matter we have more and more people who are unconsciously texting during conversations with people or at dinner table with the family. Unless the matter is really important, its a lack of respect and people do not live in the moment as they used to anymore. A lot of people need to let loose and have fun, rather than going to a party and being on the phone on all night long. We’ve all at some point lived without a cellphone(unless your like a super young teenager) and we know we can survive without one. All I’m saying is we put so much on energy on pointless things and miss out on the world, there is a whole world out there to see and be in the presence of it, taking a picture is not the same as really taking it all in. I just want people to know that they should start experience life out of the media world every now and then, and if you can do both at the same time then good for you. For those behind the scenes its time to get out there and have a real conversation with someone.(Face-to-Face)