Daily Life #Live

On-Top-Of-The-WorldLet me just say that I am not against it, by all means it’s a good form of keeping in contact with one another, but lets just say it’s absorbed and consumed a lot of time for people. I remember going out and having fun out in our neighborhood with kids and playing til the sun went down, now what do we see, less and less children outside and more of them inside playing video games, on the computers and surprisingly even on cellphones. It’s great to have kids learning about technology but childhood is about being a kid and doing what kids do best and that’s playing.(not on video games only) Aside from that matter we have more and more people who are unconsciously texting during conversations with people or at dinner table with the family. Unless the matter is really important, its a lack of respect and people do not live in the moment as they used to anymore. A lot of people need to let loose and have fun, rather than going to a party and being on the phone on all night long. We’ve all at some point lived without a cellphone(unless your like a super young teenager) and we know we can survive without one. All I’m saying is we put so much on energy on pointless things and miss out on the world, there is a whole world out there to see and be in the presence of it, taking a picture is not the same as really taking it all in. I just want people to know that they should start experience life out of the media world every now and then, and if you can do both at the same time then good for you. For those behind the scenes its time to get out there and have a real conversation with someone.(Face-to-Face)

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