How to live.

We live in a world where everything we do is being criticized either by a loved one a stranger or worst of all OURSELVES! We as humans like to critique, even the smallest things. why?, it’s just so natural, sometimes we don’t even realize it until it becomes a way of life. But who is to say that one thing is wrong from another, yes we all do have our own preferences on how we like to do, live, and see things, but so does everyone else. I believe the way to live is just not to care so much. To just let things be for what they are. If we all just stopped caring so much for little details, this world would be a much easier and nicer place. In the long run things like criticizing someone for tattoos, having a baby at 15, or wearing the skankiest clothes, dont matter. If these things do not involve you in some way then, just dont give two fucks. Theres better things to do in life than put your two cents in where nobody cares what anyone else thinks. Life’s easier trust me when you don’t worry or give a shit of someone you dont know. Just focus on yourself and your loved ones and that’s how to live.


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