Are you Happy or Just Comfortable?

47f058ce1baadfab0dfcd497844c3a6a             This a question that should be asked in every aspect in life, whether in a relationship, career, or home. We get caught up in daily routines that we forget what life is really about and to be honest thats being happy. I don’t know anything better in life than happiness( next to money) but sometimes we stick to conformity because its a safe bet. We are comfortable living in a world where we are with people because they’ve been around for a long time or because they make you feel comfortable, its great to be with people that make you feel this way, but they should also be able to make you happy. Not happy once in awhile but happy inside overall, even through all the chaos. So as humans in this world where our time is being counted, added, and subtracted we should analyze and make everything in our lives better, to achieve happiness in all aspects of our lives even if it scares you of letting go of conformity.

                                 *Have a Happy Life*


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